CypherSign Organizational Certificate

Is issued to organisation to employ authentication, secure electronic mail file exchange and for signing business documents for message integrity, authentication, privacy via data encryption, and non-repudiation via digital signatures. For organizations looking to be trustworthy on the digital world with reliable organizational identification and a proof for your client that you are a trusted business partner, our CypherSign Organizational Certificate can help confirm your trustworthiness on the Internet.

CypherSign Organizational Certificate requires thorough authentication of identity due to the high level of reliability, security and financial liability that the certificate carries. The certificate will show the name of the organisation (company, organisation etc.), the organisational unit, and/or function of the Certificate Subscriber.

CypherSign Organizational Certificate may also be used for legally binding signing of documents and data such as NDAs, Purchase Orders, Internal Compliance, Sales Contract that can allow you to streamline document-driven processes across your entire organization.

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