CypherSign Sign Server

CypherSign Sign Server provides qualified built–in modules for cryptographic processing for signing documents and code. Signing can be done in large scale. It is capable of performing complex operations with versatile server side application. Creating digital signatures deliver high availability and performance in signing documents.

Audit Trail- By using Cyphersign Sign Server, all signature operations are brought into a single, auditable server, making security control and audit a breeze.

Saving time- CypherSign Sign Server is the perfect solution for digitally signing folders/directories of files regardless of their format(extension), saving time and speeding up the signing process.

Compliance- All documents are digitally sealed with the industry standard technology, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

- Transaction logging and archiving capabilities
- Supports leading hardware security modules (HSMs)
- Secure log & audit by using CC EAL4 + certified CESeCore library.
- Highly scale able, providing for high transaction loads.

Technical Features:

-Support for:

  • Large file
  • Authenticode MSI signing
  • ICAO deviation lists

- Technology upgrade, including:

  • Updated to Java EE 6
  • Major internal library updates such as for CESecore and Bouncy Castle etc.

Documents applicable with CypherSign Sign Server

  • Internal Compliance
  • Purchase Order
  • NDAs
  • Vendor Agreements
  • Sales Contracts
  • Others

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