CypherSign Web - Authentication & Verification

CypherSign Web - Authentication & Verification is a safe environment for applying e-signature. It is also an advance method of authentication of certificates and verification of the validity of electronic signatures online. The competitive edge of this solution is that everything is done on-line and the users can quickly obtain and securely make every agreement and approval in digital business process – from any device, anywhere in the world. It’s simple to use and implement, so even complex workflows can be quickly automated, keeping your business moving forward, faster.

Certificate validation, certificate revocation list (CRL / CRL) and real-time online certificate status query (OCSP) checks can be performed during signing and signature verification processes through the functions provided by the libraries.

We support the widest range of authenticators from hardware tokens to mobile push OTPs to align with your needs, and simplify your transition from basic to high-assurance authentication. This range of offerings help you adapt quickly to new technologies and evolving business processes.

CypherSign Web provides ready-to-use Web server plug-ins and Application Programming Interface (API) that simplify certificate status-checking and signature verification. 

CypherSign Web provide the functions of user-friendly Web access control application that performs both authentication and authorization. It also enables quick deployment of access control solutions and quick implement the authorization API functions for user-based access control.

Benefits of using CypherSign Web:

Lower Operating Costs

Managing employee, visitor and contract credentials today involves manual processes — and requires the user and the credential to be physically present. Our solution automates manual processes and allows you to re-issue, update, track or revoke credentials anywhere, anytime.

User Satisfaction Levels

Our solution provides the security you need, yet creates an environment of simplicity and accessibility for authorized users.

Increased Credential Security

Our lifecycle management solution features advanced public key cryptography and certificate management technologies to ensure security throughout the management process. Our technologies reduce the risk associated with forged, altered, stolen or otherwise compromised data.

Flexibility & Investment Protection

These credential management solutions provide a single point of control for managing physical and digital identities of users across a broad range of user cases. While it can be configured to meet your specific needs today, it can be scaled and expanded to accommodate rapid change in the future.

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