Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Security Professional Services

As a local Certificate Authority, we provide Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Security Professional Service to any organizations who wanted to implement identification and authentication solutions.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Security Professional Service also help companies design and deploy systematic self-managed PKIs to meet growing demands—with customized services to meet specific operational needs.

Able to protect virtually any area of technology. The software that we provide can meet all your needs for PKI with a safe digital communication.

The application software can be integrated with secure electronic signature creation and verification libraries, and signature verification features can be added.

Our skilled PKI professionals will provide practical advice for the effective implementation and use of high quality PKI solutions.

Benefits of Proposed Solution;

  • Protect against fraud and forgery

-Moving to Online Issuance protect against fake archived documents which increases the credibility of agencies/organizations.

  • Increases process efficiency

-Shorten notarization process by signing online & reduce time waiting for ink signatures; free administrative staff to do core business rather than chasing papers.

  • Increase security

-Ensure the digital identities of your transacting parties are verified securely and signed documents are cryptographically locked from unauthorized change; ensure legal certainty using an undisputable evidence trail.

  • Increase visibility

-Track the true status of your documents, know with certainty that your documents were indeed received, reviewed and signed by each signatory with the exact date/time each action was performed based on trusted time server.

The Services includes:

  • PKI Solutions
  • Develop and integrate PKI Authentication Module
  • Training and consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management and Assurance
  • Interface design and development (with other systems)
  • Operations & Maintenance Services

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